Secondary Education (7th - 12th Grades)

The teenage years should be times of personal development as well as academic and spiritual growth. Along with that are enjoyable times of establishing friendships and forming life-long habits from right decisions that will be made.  Students are challenged with a college preparatory schedule of classes with business elective courses such as Entrepreneurship, Consumer Math, and Accounting.  Students are taught types of reasoning with discussions of a biblical vs. naturalistic worldview and how Christianity relates to the foundation of our American Heritage.  FCS students are able to participate in the state of Ohio's College Credit Plus program where they take college classes and earn college credits as dually-enrolled secondary students.

Not only do we place importance on academics, but we desire for our students to use the talents God has given them.  Students have the opportunity to participate in our annual Buckeye Christian School Fine Arts Festival in the areas of music, speech, photography and academic testing.  FCS also offers fall and winter sports – Volleyball, Soccer, and Girls’ and Boys’ Basketball.  

Academic success is wonderful but true success is found in doing God’s will and self-esteem is recognized by understanding how God created us and what He wants for our life.  We do not find our role models in stars, singers, or big name athletes, but in those who have given their lives to serve the Lord, no matter what the cost may be. Our prayer for our FCS Jr. High and Sr. High students would be for them to give their lives to serve the Lord and equip them to always be ready to give an answer.

Fayette Christian School is set on providing the children of our community and surrounding area with an exceptional educational experience that will prepare them for life and give them an opportunity to grow as a disciple of Jesus Christ.