Lunch Menu

Students may order 1 Main Dish, 2 Sides, and a Drink each day for a total of $3.00.  Students may also order just sides or just a drink if they would like.  A la carte items are $.50 each. 

Weekly Lunch Order Form

Main Dishes 

Pizza Rolls (6)

Corn Dog

Hot Dog

Chicken Patty

Chicken Nuggets (6)

Hot Pocket (pepperoni or ham/cheese)




Fridays are Senior Fundraiser Pizza Days 






Sides (A la Carte - $0.50)

String Cheese
Jell-o Cup
Pudding  (vanilla or chocolate)              Peaches

Rice Krispie Treat
Granola Bar
Potato Chips (plain or Doritos)
Go-Gurt or Yogurt

Drinks (A la Carte - $0.50)

Bottled Water
Juice Pouch
Chocolate Milk
White Milk

Vending Machine

Elementary students (K5 - 6) may access the vending machine only before and after school. Elementary students can purchase a la carte sides that are available during lunch if they would like.  High school students (7-12) will be permitted to access the vending machine before and after school and also during their snack and lunch period.


Students will be able to place money on their accounts.  Mrs. Morrison will be keeping track of family accounts, keeping track of what each student is spending daily but will pull the money from one account. She will send home account balance on the first of the month unless there are excessive charges, in which case the balance will be sent home accordingly.  She will also keep family accounts, keeping track of what each student is spending daily but pulling the money from one account.  If a student's account is overcharged by more than $20.00, the student will receive an emergency meal of a cheese sandwich and water.

Hot/Cold Lunches From Home

Please make sure your child's name and grade are clearly marked on the "heats" and "colds."  There are markers and masking tape available that can be used to label containers. All items that need to be heated or kept cold should be placed in the bins on the counter in the cafeteria each morning.  Students in K5-2nd grade will place in the bin marked 1st lunch.  Students in 3rd-6th grade will place in the bin marked 2nd lunch.  Students in 7th-12th grade will place in the bin marked 3rd lunch.  Please put only the items that need to be heated or kept cold in the bin.  There is limited space in the fridge, and whole lunch boxes take up a lot of room.

7th-12th Graders: you will be heating your own food.  Please keep in mind there are several students in this lunch period who may want to heat their lunches so plan accordingly.  

Lunch Times

K5-2nd | 11:35-12:10
3rd-6th | 12:15-12:45
7th-12th | 1:00-1:25

Fayette Christian School is set on providing the children of our community and surrounding area with an exceptional educational experience that will prepare them for life and give them an opportunity to grow as a disciple of Jesus Christ.