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Crusader Cards are back for 2023! Ask a student or the office about the discounts.

Upcoming Events 


PTF Meeting

The next PTF meeting is scheduled for Februrary 2nd at 7pm in the FCS cafeteria.  Hope to see you there!


Spaghetti Dinner

Save the Date: February 25th

Details coming soon.


The Backpack Bill

Help us by educating yourself, and spreading the word!!

Please take a look at the attached flyer and help us by supporting the Bill.

Or visit for more information.

Also, you can go to to find out who to contact.


Senior Bakery

The 2022-2023 senior class will be selling baked goods each morning from 7:30-8:00 a.m., in the cafeteria, to raise money for their senior trip.  Students that would like to purchase items from the bakery will need to bring money in each morning they would like to do so.  Thank you!!  



Substitute Teachers Needed

If you, or someone you know, would like to be a substitute teacher for Fayette Christian School, please contact Pastor Rick Melvin at 335-7262.


Tax Credit Information

Tax Credit for Families with children enrolled in a Non-chartered, Non-public School
You may claim a nonrefundable tax credit of $500 or $1,000 for tuition and curriculum expenses. This credit can be applied to your state tax liability when you file your income tax return. You may claim up to $500 if your household income is less than $50,000, or $1,000 if your household income is $50,000 but less than $100,000.



Visit the new Wish List on

If you would like to bless Fayette Christian School in a tangible way, just check out our wish list at MyRegistry for specific items that the teachers or administrators would love to use at the school.  Items can be shipped directly to FCS.  Check it out!

Use FCSwishlist to log in.


Delays or Cancellations

Please be sure to watch Gradelink for text alerts concerning delays or cancellations.  See the Closings and Delays page for more details.

**In the event of a school cancellation, we may call a remote learning day. Teachers will prepare the students before leaving school for the possibility based on the weather forecast by sending home materials and having the students take home needed books and supplies. Teachers will also communicate via the various platforms they are already using such as Google Classroom, Class Dojo, Gradelink, etc.

Recent Newsletters

Guidelines for Health and Safety


The following is information regarding the steps we are taking to try to minimize the potential impact of the Corona virus.

At this time, per our school board’s decision, we will not be requiring masks, but, of course, parents may choose to have their children wear masks. We will continue with distancing where needed such as in the lunchroom. We will follow other protocols as appropriate such as daily disinfecting of classrooms. We will continue not to use the water fountains, so students will need to have water bottles. We will continue to emphasize hand washing and the use of hand sanitizer. Guidelines are subject to change as the need arises. Procedures may be adjusted as necessary as we continue to monitor the health of our school. We will continue our approach of being responsible while being reasonable.

We will follow three basic guidelines:

  1. Social Distancing when possible.
  2. Hand washing and sanitizing.
  3. Cleaning high-touch surfaces.

We will focus on these three areas in the following ways:


We ask that you self-assess your child before coming to school. If your child shows symptoms of being sick (fever, vomiting, diarrhea, etc.), please keep your child home.

Students with a temperature of 100 degrees or higher will not be allowed to stay at school.

Students will order lunch in their homeroom. Lunch orders, heats, and colds will be collected from the homerooms.


The drinking fountains will be off limits. Each student must have his own water bottle. Teachers will take their class to the kitchen for filling and refilling water bottles at the large sinks. The teacher should turn on the water and allow the student to hold his/her bottle for filling.

Students may not share supplies.

Students may have assigned seats in classes, the lunch room, and the auditorium.

Regular handwashing and hand sanitizing will be observed.

Classes will stay in their cohort as much as possible.


Students are not required to wear masks at this time.  Parents may choose to have their children wear masks.


We will follow the usual carline procedures. 


Frequent cleaning of high-contact areas will be done throughout the school day. At the end of the day, teachers will wipe down all contact areas.


If a student becomes sick while at school, he/she will be immediately isolated and supervised in the side room of the church nursery near the church office. The student will remain there until a parent or other caretaker can come to take the student home.

If a student or staff member tests positive for Covid-19, the Fayette County Health Department will contact us and will direct us as to who will need to be quarantined or isolated and for how long.

In the event of the quarantine of a student, cohort (class), or entire school, distance learning will be used to maintain the learning process.





Fayette Christian School is set on providing the children of our community and surrounding area with an exceptional educational experience that will prepare them for life and give them an opportunity to grow as a disciple of Jesus Christ.